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Please provide us with your questions and/or comments by calling or writing us.

Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) 217-545-8038

SIU Call Center
Toll Free 800-DIAL-SIU
Patient Business Services (Billing)
Toll Free 888-203-1154
SIU HealthCare Administration
PO Box 19639
Springfield, IL 62794-9639
Patient Busines Services (Billing)
401 North Walnut Street
PO Box 19651
Springfield, IL 62794-9651

Please be aware we are prohibited from providing personal health care and/or medical treatment information through unsecure email. And, we caution you against providing personal health information though this unsecure emailed form.

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If you would like to begin to correspond with your health provider via secure connection, please ask your provider about Secure Messaging.

Secure Messaging is a service that allows physicians and other providers to communicate with you and ask questions related to routine healthcare matters, in a completely confidential manner.